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Author: Jillian, brittney-spears-bcbg-spears-for-sears

Date: 1/24/2011

Jillian- Being involved with BCBG and Fashion myself I was especially drawn in to your post.  I am currently employed by BCBG and as a college student I can tell you that prices can be high there but we do have some great sales going on right now! Up to 70% off.  I have not heard yet about Britney Spears teaming up with the company to make a line for Sears but I think that would be nice to see.  Since I did grow up listening to Britney Spears, I have always wanted her to do great things and I think it is a very smart move that a lot of artists have been making to the fashion industry.  I am a little confused about why it would be inside Sears though?  BCBG has partner shops inside Dillards and many other department stores but I dont believe Sears is one of them.  I do believe it may make it more affordable though which will be nice! Anyways loved your post!! Thanks for the heads up if it does happen!


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