Charlie Sheen- A Lost Cause?

I had heard from some friends and my parents that Charlie Sheen had gotten himself into trouble once again.  To investigate more, I looked on and found a blog about it.  Charlie Sheen had been out partying which ended up in his most recent hospitalization.  A friend quoted on the blog says, ” he definitely did not OD but, yes, he was partying.” The friend then goes on to say that, ” Maybe at 22 you’re with five hookers, so what? But when your his age and a father, it’s just ridiculous.”  

Another friend in the article says, “He’s in serious condition.  Doctors are still trying to figure out what it was.”  The friend goes on and continues to say, “Nobody is surprised. This is an ongoing problem.” 

The friends are right in my point of view.  He is a father and a public figure in the media.  Although he is known to be able to go out and still be able to show up for work and perform, he needs to realize what kind of image he is giving to the public.

 If I become a PR professional and have a client in this predicament I would be very overwhelmed with handling it.  I would try to suggest to him that he needs to get his head on straight, which I am sure friends and his PR people have tried doing, and try to get him to do charity events or volunteer or to do something in a positive light that the media can see.  I would possibly even suggest some kind of rehabilitation after this most recent hospitalization.  

Hopefully he will change his ways after this incident but he has been in trouble with partying before so who knows?  I just hope he changes before it is too late and does not end up hurting himself any more than he already has.  My thoughts go out to his family, children, and friends.


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