Lindsey Lohan: A talented Actress or a Cold Hearted Theif


Blog Comment #3

Author: Jillian Chard

February 14, 2011

Lindsay Lohan has had a pretty awful year.  It is getting safer to say that she is not going to clean up her act anytime soon.  Ok so first she got into trouble for all of her partying and needed rehab and now she is a thief?  I do not understand how she can seem to be getting her life back into order by passing random drug tests and now she is stealing?  Does she not have any money saved up that she could have just bought that necklace?  I mean she has been in a lot of movies that have done well so why not just buy the necklace?

Lindsay does say that she did not steal it but I do not know why a store would just make up these allegations about her?  Maybe it is a stores way of getting their name out in the media like a publicity stunt but I do not think that they would want the bad rep of lying about a famous actress stealing.

It’s hard to say on this one what the truth actually is but I think it is safe to say that Lindsay needs to quit getting caught up in these bad situations.  She needs to lay low for a while or do something positive for herself to get some good media recognition.


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