Blog Comment 7

Author: Megan Pitcher

Date: March 28, 2011

That is so awesome that Gwen is helping out with relief efforts in Japan.  I recently learned about all the efforts lady gaga has been involved with as well.  These are the stars I think the media should be focusing on today.  Instead of focusing on more bad news, positive news like this and like the news on lady gaga’s support needs to be incorporated.  Not only do these women look like positive role models, but they look like amazing human beings that feel with and for others. Their charitable donations will make a huge impact on the efforts and I believe that this will improve their career so much.

Hearing stories like these make me wonder why more stars aren’t as eager to give a helping hand but thankful even more for those who do.  We need more stars like these two women today to help with the catastrophe out in Japan.


Blog Comment Six

Author: Megan Pitcher

Date: March 28, 2011

Title: Panama City Beach: PR HotSpot For College Kids

I have been a student that has traveled to Panama City Beach for my spring break as well.  I went there my freshman and sophomore years of college and had an absolute blast.  I can see how after taking this class it would make you look at things with a whole new set of eyes.  That free stuff was as great for us as it was for the companies promoting it.  I remember that there was a Victoria’s Secret stand there along the beach giving out free swimsuits to girls.  That was awesome.  Not only did it get their product out onto the beach at its prime time but it made me eager to get home to buy more suits from there.

I also think that the monster energy drinks really improved their PR.  Since kids on spring break are drinking and can get tired on the beach, they will remember that the monster woke them up and gave them energy to keep going.  That way later that evening when they went out they either had left over monsters from that day to take out with them, or they automatically wanted to get to the store to get another one to wake up for the nights activities.

So many different places and companies can use spring break and college students to their advantage and it is great product placement.

Blog Comment Five

Author: Jillian Chard

Title: Another Chris Brown Meltdown

I am not surprised that Chris Brown is at it again.  Anger management is a hard problem to fix.  Some people can just not handle the spot light.  This is unfortunate because he is a great performer, but I think that people will always remember what happened with the Rhianna situation.  Since that whole incident, Rhianna has just been shooting towards the top while Chris has just been sitting back and watching.

I think in order for him to have a chance to come out of  the Rhianna incident he just should answer questions in a more professional manner and calm down.  He’s actions are never going to get his fans back if they do not change soon!

GaGa Helps To Raise Over $1.2 Million For Japan

GaGa\’s Little Monsters Help Raise $1.2 Million For Japan

Lady GaGa has done it again!  It has only been two weeks since she released her $5 prayer bracelets to raise money for Japan victims of the earthquake.  Since those two weeks she has already been able to raise 1.2 million dollars.  The bracelets read “We Pray For Japan,” not only in english but in Japanese writing as well.

I really do hope that a lot of stars follow GaGa’s great example and help out Japan relief efforts.  As if she is not already one of the most talked about celebrities today, now she is helping in Japan relief efforts!  This star is truly amazing and does not stop helping out where she can.  Apparently not only is she responsible for the prayer bracelets but has also teamed up with other music artists to put out a CD entitled “Songs for Japan”  to support disaster relief efforts in Japan.  index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=65181:songs-for-japan-relief-cd-on-sale&catid=57:entertainment&Itemid=56

The cd includes music from Lady GaGa, Bob Dylan, U2, Pink, and many more.  It is on sale at Itunes for $9.99 now!

I think that Lady GaGa is one of the most talented artists there is today.  She also knows how to keep herself in a positive light by fans and the media.  Her outfits may be a little different but with as much success as she has had, if that is the worst thing people have to say about her then she is doing pretty well for herself!  She really is an inspiration to so many people and I believe not only should stars follow in her footsteps in helping out but should thrive to be a positive role model for young people like she is.  You do not see her running around crazy and getting into alcohol or drugs, rather she is in a positive light which really makes people look up to her.  She needs to keep doing what she is doing because I believe she is one of the only “good” remaining pop stars out there today.

Another Teen Mom Arrested

This will not come as a shock to most people who follow the series Teen Mom on MTV but Jenelle Evans, a mother on the Teen Mom 2 series, was arrested recently. states that  she was arrested for assault when a video leaked out of her fighting another girl.  Apparently the fight stemmed from Kieffer Delp, who was Jenelle’s boyfriend on the most recent episodes of Teen Mom 2.  If you do not follow the show I will fill you in a little bit on Jenelle.

All through out the season Jenelle has been arguing with her mother and not just little arguments, the fights have become violent in some cases. Jenelle’s mother has custody of her son now and rightfully so.  Even since the beginning of the show, Jenelle’s mother has been staying home with the baby while Jenelle goes out until all hours of the night with her friends.  There have also been episodes where Jenelle was clearly high and running around with her boyfriend who seems to be doing nothing with his life.  Jenelle has been down the wrong path for quite some time now.

I think that while this series has good intentions of showing adolescents the hardships of being a teen mom, the girls on the show need to step up and take responsibility for their actions.  I believe that if this is the way they are acting after given this opportunity to be on a reality television series, they need to get cut from the show.  It is not showing anything positive to those who are watching which may encourage teens not to have sex before they can handle the responsibility of parenting, but what kind of horrific messages is it sending to those who are already pregnant and confused and scared on what to do?

A Surprising Celebs Reaction to Japan’s Tragedy

Japan’s recent tragedy has many people concerned and wanting to help out in such a hard time.  We will all remember this time as devastating and heartbreaking for those people and loved ones of those people.  It is something that brought people to tears and sorrow around the world.  Well most people anyway.

In the famous rapper’s 50 Cent recent Twitter activity he apparently mocked the earthquake and tsunami tragedy through some awful not so amusing jokes.  According to, 50 Cent Twitter stated, “Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”  He also stated, “Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street shit gone get crazy.”

Later he must have realized his mistake and went on to tweet apologies and asked others to pray for anyone affected by the tragedy.

This was a big let down to fans I think on his part.  When something this awful happens no one should be joking around about it or publicly saying inappropriate things about the people it has affected.  He should make a more formal apology and be more sincere about the mistake he just made.  I think it is absolutely terrible to be saying those things in a time like this, especially if you are fortunate enough to be a celebrity.  Instead of kicking people while they are down, it may do more for your career to offer a helping hand.  This was just ignorant and disappointing.

Charlie Sheen…Back?

Charlie Sheen Back On TV!

Charlie Sheen will be back on television on March 20.  Unfortunately, this appearance will not be on the hit series Two and A Half Men, which made him famous, since the rest of the season has been cancelled and now Sheen has been fired from.  Instead his appearance will be on an hour long documentary in association with NBC News that TLC  just ordered.  According to it will be entitled, “Charlie Sheen: On The Brink.”  It will follow Sheen from his childhood to the present day which is not looking so bright for the star after the outrageous behavior and interviews we have all been seeing.

In my opinion I think that all this attention is just making things worse for the T.V. star.  It comes to a point where it is not funny to laugh anymore and you have to really start to wonder and worry about this human beings life.  I believe that Sheen needs to get  some medical help and get out of this mess fast.  He needs to stay away from the cameras and the public eye and get his head on straight.  I am in fear that he is not going to realize his irrational behavior until it is really too late.  Not only has he lost his job, but with things going the way they are, he may lose way more in the end.  Enough is enough, I think we all just need to leave the man alone, quit giving him interviews and TV shows and let him find some help!