Charlie Sheen…Back?

Charlie Sheen Back On TV!

Charlie Sheen will be back on television on March 20.  Unfortunately, this appearance will not be on the hit series Two and A Half Men, which made him famous, since the rest of the season has been cancelled and now Sheen has been fired from.  Instead his appearance will be on an hour long documentary in association with NBC News that TLC  just ordered.  According to it will be entitled, “Charlie Sheen: On The Brink.”  It will follow Sheen from his childhood to the present day which is not looking so bright for the star after the outrageous behavior and interviews we have all been seeing.

In my opinion I think that all this attention is just making things worse for the T.V. star.  It comes to a point where it is not funny to laugh anymore and you have to really start to wonder and worry about this human beings life.  I believe that Sheen needs to get  some medical help and get out of this mess fast.  He needs to stay away from the cameras and the public eye and get his head on straight.  I am in fear that he is not going to realize his irrational behavior until it is really too late.  Not only has he lost his job, but with things going the way they are, he may lose way more in the end.  Enough is enough, I think we all just need to leave the man alone, quit giving him interviews and TV shows and let him find some help!


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