Another Teen Mom Arrested

This will not come as a shock to most people who follow the series Teen Mom on MTV but Jenelle Evans, a mother on the Teen Mom 2 series, was arrested recently. states that  she was arrested for assault when a video leaked out of her fighting another girl.  Apparently the fight stemmed from Kieffer Delp, who was Jenelle’s boyfriend on the most recent episodes of Teen Mom 2.  If you do not follow the show I will fill you in a little bit on Jenelle.

All through out the season Jenelle has been arguing with her mother and not just little arguments, the fights have become violent in some cases. Jenelle’s mother has custody of her son now and rightfully so.  Even since the beginning of the show, Jenelle’s mother has been staying home with the baby while Jenelle goes out until all hours of the night with her friends.  There have also been episodes where Jenelle was clearly high and running around with her boyfriend who seems to be doing nothing with his life.  Jenelle has been down the wrong path for quite some time now.

I think that while this series has good intentions of showing adolescents the hardships of being a teen mom, the girls on the show need to step up and take responsibility for their actions.  I believe that if this is the way they are acting after given this opportunity to be on a reality television series, they need to get cut from the show.  It is not showing anything positive to those who are watching which may encourage teens not to have sex before they can handle the responsibility of parenting, but what kind of horrific messages is it sending to those who are already pregnant and confused and scared on what to do?


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