GaGa Helps To Raise Over $1.2 Million For Japan

GaGa\’s Little Monsters Help Raise $1.2 Million For Japan

Lady GaGa has done it again!  It has only been two weeks since she released her $5 prayer bracelets to raise money for Japan victims of the earthquake.  Since those two weeks she has already been able to raise 1.2 million dollars.  The bracelets read “We Pray For Japan,” not only in english but in Japanese writing as well.

I really do hope that a lot of stars follow GaGa’s great example and help out Japan relief efforts.  As if she is not already one of the most talked about celebrities today, now she is helping in Japan relief efforts!  This star is truly amazing and does not stop helping out where she can.  Apparently not only is she responsible for the prayer bracelets but has also teamed up with other music artists to put out a CD entitled “Songs for Japan”  to support disaster relief efforts in Japan.  index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=65181:songs-for-japan-relief-cd-on-sale&catid=57:entertainment&Itemid=56

The cd includes music from Lady GaGa, Bob Dylan, U2, Pink, and many more.  It is on sale at Itunes for $9.99 now!

I think that Lady GaGa is one of the most talented artists there is today.  She also knows how to keep herself in a positive light by fans and the media.  Her outfits may be a little different but with as much success as she has had, if that is the worst thing people have to say about her then she is doing pretty well for herself!  She really is an inspiration to so many people and I believe not only should stars follow in her footsteps in helping out but should thrive to be a positive role model for young people like she is.  You do not see her running around crazy and getting into alcohol or drugs, rather she is in a positive light which really makes people look up to her.  She needs to keep doing what she is doing because I believe she is one of the only “good” remaining pop stars out there today.


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