Blog Comment Six

Author: Megan Pitcher

Date: March 28, 2011

Title: Panama City Beach: PR HotSpot For College Kids

I have been a student that has traveled to Panama City Beach for my spring break as well.  I went there my freshman and sophomore years of college and had an absolute blast.  I can see how after taking this class it would make you look at things with a whole new set of eyes.  That free stuff was as great for us as it was for the companies promoting it.  I remember that there was a Victoria’s Secret stand there along the beach giving out free swimsuits to girls.  That was awesome.  Not only did it get their product out onto the beach at its prime time but it made me eager to get home to buy more suits from there.

I also think that the monster energy drinks really improved their PR.  Since kids on spring break are drinking and can get tired on the beach, they will remember that the monster woke them up and gave them energy to keep going.  That way later that evening when they went out they either had left over monsters from that day to take out with them, or they automatically wanted to get to the store to get another one to wake up for the nights activities.

So many different places and companies can use spring break and college students to their advantage and it is great product placement.


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