Blog Comment 8

Author: Jillian Chard

Branded For Life

April 4, 2011

I think that this is so desperate on Ecko’s part.  I work in the fashion industry and while I LOVE my BCBG and brand names, I would never get a permanent tattoo on my body to get 20% off.  If the brand did go out of business and you were stuck with it for life, how would you explain it to your children that you did it to get a quick deal?

I would rather not get 20% off and just stick to not having it on my body.  I know the economy is bad and there are not as many shoppers out there these days, but come on, bribing your customers by getting something they will have to live with the rest of their life? I would not participate in this in a heart beat.  Please think before you ink!


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