Southwest Airlines Scare

It has been all over the news about Southwest Airlines recent incident. According to the Dallas Morning News website,  on Friday April 1, 2011 a 5 foot long hole opened up in the roof of the Southwest Airlines plane soon after takeoff from Phoenix.  This caused a lost of pressure and caused pilots to make an emergency landing in Yuma, Arizona.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.  Although this may hurt peoples travel plans since they might get a new sense of fear to flying due to the unfortunate circumstances. 

I have Southwest flight plans in May and now I am a little hesitant of the flights as I am sure many other customers are. 

After the midair incident, Southwest grounded nearly 80 Boeing 737-300s for inspections. Monday evening 64 were returned to flights but 3 had cracks similar to the ones like Friday’s incident. 

The FAA is taking actions in the right direction to make safety inspections more thorough.  However, Southwest Airlines was fast to shift the blame to Boeing because it was their aircraft.  While Boeing should take responsibility for their aircraft, it does have the name Southwest all over it so they need to take on some responsibility.

I think to get customers back, Southwest needs to offer some pretty good deals for summer travels.  They need to make a plan for this disaster and figure out all they can do to help.  Otherwise people may not be apt to fly in their hands again, I know that I am a little worried about my future vacation now. What do you think?

Southwest Airlines Incident


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