Do You Know Your Reach On Social Media Or Are You Out Of Touch With Reality?

Do You Know Your Reach On Social Media

As we have been told all semester in class it is important to know the reach you have with you social media tools.  Once you put something out there it is out there for everyone to see if you are not careful.  We have been constantly reminded to be careful with what we put into our blogs and twitter accounts and it is important to remember this as we move out of our college years and into the professional world. 

On the website PR in your pajamas, Natalie Sisson, a senior associate at Cross Borders Communications, shares some tools on managing and tracking your social media involvement.  The article explains that you need to be aware of the influence your social media activity has.  It is essential to track and analyze your social media activity in order to help build valuable relationships. 

 One easy way to do this are to use PostRank, a free tool that allows you to see how your content is being received.  I think that PostRank is a very useful tool that I did  not know about before reading this article. 

Now that I have a free tool that I can use I believe that I will be getting a PostRank account and using it immediately.  It is so important to me to have a good online presence since I will be graduating in May 2012 which seems to be right around the corner.  I am glad this class has taught me how social media can affect my chances of landing the jobs I want in the near future.


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