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Author: Jillian Chard

Jersey Shore Cast Making Six-Figures For Next Season

April 11, 2011

Although I am a huge Jersey Shore fan, I do think that their pay rate is a little bit outrageous. While filming the show takes time out of their ordinary every day life, it is a job many people that age would enjoy doing. To get paid all they have to do is go out, have fun, have drinks, and have their summers taped. I would take that job any day.

This show has been a huge success and has given viewers some new lingo to catch on to. While their lives are hilarious, I wonder if down the road they will look back at some of the episodes and be embarrassed or if they will just laugh about it? I also wonder how their actions on the show will affect their career oppprtunities after the show? They might be famous now while the show is hot but what about after the Jersey Shore phase ends? With a crazy lifestyle like the one it shows on the series I dont know what kind of professional career they will have after their fame has ended?  Also, I do not know if going out all night and having a job at  local stores should earn them a six figure pay check.  Despite my jealousy towards the cast I do think that they have been quite entertaining and I always seem to be anxious for the next season to air.  I can not wait to see what will go on when they are in Italy.


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