Britney’s Tribute at MTV Video Music Awards

The 2011 MTV video music awards was a huge success especially for Britney Spears. Not only did she receive a special tribute for winning the Michael Jackson video vangaurd award,  but she won the best pop video award for her song “Til The World Ends.”

The tribute was introduced by Lady Gaga in her alter ego character Jo Calderone. Gaga told the audience, “She’s a pop music legend and the industry would not be the same without her.” She went on to say, “Throughout the years she has given us some of the most iconic music videos and stage shows of our time.” The tribute included her hits, Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, Crazy, Toxic, Slave For You, and Do Somethin.” 

I think that Spears really deserved a tribute at the award show. It is amazing how she has been around since I was in grade school and is still winning awards for best pop video. She is a legend and will be someone I tell my kids about when I am older.  Spears has made it through some rough times and managed to find herself back at the top and I think that it is very inspirational for people of all ages to see that.

When Spears accepted the award from Gaga after the tribute her speech was very humbling. She mentioned Beyonce and recognized her for being on the scene as long as she has been. Spears said, “Beyonce and I started out around the same time, and just like all of her fans, I fell in love with her. The first time I saw her from her singing to dancing to acting, she can do it all, she’s a triple threat, and one of the most talented people I have ever seen.”

This was amazing to hear Spears do this because it is so unlike so many other stars I think.  She didn’t just make the moment about herself but shared the spotlight with another amazing talent. I think her speech made her deserve the award even more because it shows it is not getting to her head. I believe Spears was deserving of her award and accepted it with grace. That makes her even more of a star.



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