Using Twitter to get attention from journalists

As we have discussed in PR classes, journalists and PR professionals need to maintain good, mutual beneficial relationships with each other. The fact of the matter is that both of these professions rely on each other on almost a daily basis.

Social media makes it easier  and more convenient to build and maintain relationships and these days everyone is utilizing some form of it. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all become popular ways for professionals to communicate with each other. Not only do professionals use these tools but they are especially popular with college students and soon to be graduates.

I found an article on the PRDaily website that recognizes how Twitter can attract journalists to your material and how PR professionals should utilize it as a helpful tool. The article author says that he thinks Twitter has been the most successful method of building and maintaining relationships with reporters.  Twitter to Attract Journalist Tips

Some of his tips he listed to attract journalists are as follows: watch for tweets asking for help-especially on deadline, monitor and post hashtags of the town or topic your client is involved in, say something nice about a story a reporter aired, retweet their tweets, thank them via twitter for covering an event you attended-especially if you were able to chat with a reporter and thank them especially when they write about an idea you pitched.

Another tip mentioned I thought was important was to recognize their birthday or an award they received and congratulate them. It may seem like sucking up but they are the gatekeepers your content has to go through before reaching a large public. It is vital to try to build relationships with them and Twitter might just be the thing to help you do that! 



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