Pancreatic cancer takes another life

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and board chairman, lost his battle to pancreatic cancer last week. He enriched the lives of millions through technologies that would cease to exist without him. Jobs was a great visionary and will not be forgotten.

While October is breast cancer awareness month, November is the month to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. So many Americans are unaware of how deadly this disease is and I don’t know why there is not more attempts to raise awareness. We have lost not only role models like Jobs to pancreatic cancer but Patrick Swayze died from it as well as Farrah Faucet.

A more personal lost for me was my grandma, Elenore Jane Adelhardt. She was my role model and had such an impact on my life. A few years after my grandma passed, we found out that my aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I was in absolute shock and terrified that my family would lose another loved one to the silent killer. Luckily the Mayo clinic was able to remove half of her pancreas. The only reason they found it was because she was getting her Gall Bladder removed.  She is still surviving today but has good and bad days. As of right now another tumor had grown after the surgery, but has not grown in over a year.

I miss my grandmas kind words and smiling face more and more everyday. I am thankful that my aunt has fought so hard to survive but I feel like I need to dedicate some of my time to help raise awareness of this disease that kills mothers, grandmothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.


Some Facts

Pancreatic cancer killed nearly 37,000 Americans in 2010 alone. The survival rate is still in the single digits.

Out of the top 5 killing cancers, it is the least funded.

4th leading cause of cancer related death in the United States


Awareness needs to be raised about this terrible disease and I hope everyone participates in something next month to help the cause.



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