Birds the word… or is it squirrel?

With the national league championship series coming to a close it seems bird is the word or maybe now the word is squirrel? The St. Louis Cardinals have a popular new mascot, the Rally Squirrel. After making two appearances during the Cardinals games the critter is now a part of the baseball team’s family. For a city with the best fans around and a city that has bird fever, the squirrel has been welcomed in with arms wide open.

New merchandise featuring the mascot has become quite popular with the Cards fans. Sportsprint has had to hire extra help for the production of the rally squirrel t-shirts and merchandise. The shirts have moved up sales dramatically and it is expected to continue to be in demand for a while. Sportsprint has two St. Louis area locations and will need the extra help they hired for shipping merchandise across the country. People everywhere across the United States are ordering Rally Squirrel merchandise.

The Rally Squirrel has already associated good with it’s name. Anheuser Busch InBev has already bought thousands of pieces of Rally Squirrel merchandise from Sportsprint to be sold to raise money for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. Already about $210,000 has been raised by the Rally Squirrel campaign.

I think this is an awesome thing to be a part of. The Rally Squirrel merchandise is entertaining and exciting for Cardinals fans and for the St. Louis area. The new mascot has been a huge success and will continue to be so for a while. Being able to buy a t-shirt or a hat to support your favorite sports team is exciting enough on it’s own but knowing that from buying the merchandise you are helping a great cause makes it an even better purchase. I think it is safe to say that bird isn’t the only word in St. Louis anymore but now it may be squirrel.


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