Chapter 13: Newsletters and Brochures

Chapter 13 in the book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, is about newsletters and brochures. I thought this was an interesting chapter because recently at my internship we have been busy changing from a newsletter to our first magazine. It will be out before the end of the year and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

While the web is making print publications less popular there still are some advantages to print. One advantage of print material is the portability of it, it can be passed around to family members and friends for people to see at gatherings. Print materials can also lead readers to the websites to discover more content.

The chapter focuses a lot on basics of newsletters and magazines. It discusses content that should and should not be involved, format of newsletters and magazines, costs of each, and design elements. The book recognizes the fact that the design should give a clear insight to the organizations personality and work with the content to give complete message to audiences.

While I was working on things for the magazine at my internship, it was my job to find some industry news pieces that would be interesting for the audience. A survey discussed in the book found results of the  the top 5 audience interests to be organizations future plans, personal policies and procedures, product improvement, job related information and job advancements. The last five interesting topics to audiences in the survey were found to be personal changes and promotions, financial results, stories about employees, personal news, and ad and promotion plans.

Chapter 13 was extremely interesting to me because since I am working with magazine design at my internship it was helpful to know some more basics about it. The book discussed a lot on audience interests and needs, which I think is ultimately the most important thing because if no one is going to read what you produced then there is no point in spending all the time and money making it. Audience needs is the most important thing to meet when producing publications for your organization so now that I have read some basics and basic tips from the book I can apply that when looking for content for the next magazine.



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