Think like a Kardashian, Score a Job

The number one stress on all college graduates or in my case soon to be college graduate is finding a job. All I have known until this year has been my retail part time jobs and school. For the last 16 years of my life, it has been all about school. Now that I have a great internship that I love, the real world and starting my career seems less scary but making sure I land the job after graduation is still a constant stress on my mind. It is overwhelming when thinking of life without classes or assignments but it is also exciting!

I was reading PRdaily and found a post on ways thinking like Kim Kardashian could land your next job. This immediately drew me in because not only do I love Kim Kardashian but I am looking for all tips possible for when I am thrown out into the real working world.

The article claims four ways thinking like Kardashian could land you a job. One way is to brand yourself. Most of us execute branding strategies without even knowing that we are doing so. Branding is not something we can pick up, it is perceptions others have of you. You need to know how you want to be pereceived and what makes you stand out from others.

Another way is to utilize messages not medium. Be a part of the conversation everywhere and follow the company your dying to work for on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Before you do this, make sure all pictures and comments on your accounts are appropriate or utilize privacy settings.

The article also discusses expanding social networks and being creative. You have got to put yourself out there in person and online. You not only need to attend networking events but keep up with opportunities like internships and career fairs that you are made aware of. Creativity is what can set you apart from others instantly. Market yourself in many different formats and explore a variety of options. While you should utilize Facebook and LinkedIn think of different ways to get yourself out there like blogs or online portfolios.

I believe creativity is a huge part of success as well as being able to be diverse. Showing your skills in all ways and showing all your skills to possible future employers is extremely important and should be taken seriously by everyone.

Kim Kardashian Tips for Success



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