Christmas Time

I know it isn’t even Halloween over yet but I can’t help but to be thrilled about the upcoming Christmas season. The reason I am so excited is because at my internship I am working with Operation Food Search for a company wide food drive. We are planning contests between the departments and prizes for the winning team. I am so excited to give back to an organization that helps people in our local community.

As I have been preparing distribution materials, I have been researching and reading about Operation Food Search. I was not aware that over 50% of the recipients they help are children. I also was not aware that they helped over 100,00 victims to hunger last year.

Once I read that I knew even more that I wanted to make this food drive a huge success. I have been preparing flyers, sending emails, and coming up with ideas to really get the employee morale going. Since I was reading I found the way to really have a successful event is to have a contest or competition to go along with it.

We are also planning to build a canned food Christmas tree in our facility. I am going to get tree trimming decorations and make it a discussion piece for employees and customers alike.

I think giving back during the holidays is something everyone should do. Hunger does not take a holiday unfortunately so giving these donations is vital for some in the community.



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