Stress Over GPA

This afternoon I was having a difficult time when dealing with stress of finals and final papers coming up. I was freaking out about what my final grades would be because I have worked hard all semester to achieve A’s and want to keep them but seem to be having a bit of trouble in one of my classes. I decided to take a research break and check out what was going on at and I am glad I did because it turned out to be just what I needed at the moment.

I got onto the website and an article popped up titled, “Students the 9 things that matter more than GPA.” Wow, it was exactly what I was looking for. The article explains that while GPA is important and you should take your classes seriously, it will not be as useful as some people think without other important skills.

The article goes on to suggest there are other things that will be important and will matter when trying to find a job. Some of the things the article listed is knowing how you learn, applying theory to real life situations, time management, relevant personal experience, portfolios, the ability to give and receive feedback, presentation skills, writing skills, and your network.

I think all of these things are true and should be remembered by students when they are stressing over school and grades. I know this from experience because since I have started my internship I have learned so many things a classroom never taught me. With the hands on experience I have gained in my internship such as putting together a canned food drive and working with contests for promotions as well as sending out press releases via email, I have become familar with all the steps necessary that I wouldn’t have completely understood until being able to do them myself.

In my mass communication courses I have learned to handle constructive criticism and peer reviews of my work as well as give professional input of my own on classmates work. I have also learned this through working with my boss at my internship and realized that the first product usually has to undergo a lot of changes and edits before producing the perfect final one.

As I said before this was a great read and I suggest for other students who are feeling the stress of finals to read it as well.



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