It’s been way too long

I haven’t been utilizing my blog nearly enough since finishing the class I initially had to make it for. Now that I am graduated from SIUE and in the process of searching for employment in my future career path I figured it was time to get back at it! 

While in college, I never imagined how fast the four years would fly by. I remember I started off wanting to major in Business. After taking some courses I realized I needed a major with more focus on communication and interactions. That is when I decided to change to Mass Communications with a Speech Communication minor. 

Along the way I realized the Speech Communication courses, especially those intended for Public Relations, were more up my ally. I immediately swapped my Mass Communications major to my minor and Speech Communication minor to my major. I decided to focus on Public Relations. 

With all the changes I was making, I never imagined I could actually graduate in four years. Although it took me taking 12 credit hours over the summer before my senior year in college, I was able to surprise myself and do just that.

I miss college now that it is over, but I am excited for the new ventures to come. Now I am on the road to  seeking employment and so far it has been quite difficult but I know if I continue to improve on myself and my skills, something will come along! 

More to come soon!


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