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End Is Near

Author: Megan Pitcher

Date: April 20, 2011

Title: The End Is Near

The last few weeks are always the toughest for me! By the time April gets here and professors are cramming in more assignments, projects, papers and test my brain just wants to shut down.  Hopefully these tips will help as well as all the rain we have been having will force me to stay inside and study!
 But in all reality, our professors are just preparing us for the real world.  While it is unfortunate to admit, college and school days are becoming numbered for me.  Once I graduate next May, I will be getting a real job, with real hours, and no summer breaks to look forward to! But I think that it will be worth it to have regular hours and not late nights of studying for tests or doing assignments.
While a lot of us moan and complain about these last few weeks of the semester, we just need to keep a positive focus and attitude.  Realizing the teachers are not doing this  to torture us but to prepare us for what is ahead.  I think they are doing a great job at giving us doses of reality!


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Author: Jillian Chard

Jersey Shore Cast Making Six-Figures For Next Season

April 11, 2011

Although I am a huge Jersey Shore fan, I do think that their pay rate is a little bit outrageous. While filming the show takes time out of their ordinary every day life, it is a job many people that age would enjoy doing. To get paid all they have to do is go out, have fun, have drinks, and have their summers taped. I would take that job any day.

This show has been a huge success and has given viewers some new lingo to catch on to. While their lives are hilarious, I wonder if down the road they will look back at some of the episodes and be embarrassed or if they will just laugh about it? I also wonder how their actions on the show will affect their career oppprtunities after the show? They might be famous now while the show is hot but what about after the Jersey Shore phase ends? With a crazy lifestyle like the one it shows on the series I dont know what kind of professional career they will have after their fame has ended?  Also, I do not know if going out all night and having a job at  local stores should earn them a six figure pay check.  Despite my jealousy towards the cast I do think that they have been quite entertaining and I always seem to be anxious for the next season to air.  I can not wait to see what will go on when they are in Italy.

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Author: Jillian Chard

Branded For Life

April 4, 2011

I think that this is so desperate on Ecko’s part.  I work in the fashion industry and while I LOVE my BCBG and brand names, I would never get a permanent tattoo on my body to get 20% off.  If the brand did go out of business and you were stuck with it for life, how would you explain it to your children that you did it to get a quick deal?

I would rather not get 20% off and just stick to not having it on my body.  I know the economy is bad and there are not as many shoppers out there these days, but come on, bribing your customers by getting something they will have to live with the rest of their life? I would not participate in this in a heart beat.  Please think before you ink!

Blog Comment 7

Author: Megan Pitcher

Date: March 28, 2011

That is so awesome that Gwen is helping out with relief efforts in Japan.  I recently learned about all the efforts lady gaga has been involved with as well.  These are the stars I think the media should be focusing on today.  Instead of focusing on more bad news, positive news like this and like the news on lady gaga’s support needs to be incorporated.  Not only do these women look like positive role models, but they look like amazing human beings that feel with and for others. Their charitable donations will make a huge impact on the efforts and I believe that this will improve their career so much.

Hearing stories like these make me wonder why more stars aren’t as eager to give a helping hand but thankful even more for those who do.  We need more stars like these two women today to help with the catastrophe out in Japan.

Blog Comment Six

Author: Megan Pitcher

Date: March 28, 2011

Title: Panama City Beach: PR HotSpot For College Kids

I have been a student that has traveled to Panama City Beach for my spring break as well.  I went there my freshman and sophomore years of college and had an absolute blast.  I can see how after taking this class it would make you look at things with a whole new set of eyes.  That free stuff was as great for us as it was for the companies promoting it.  I remember that there was a Victoria’s Secret stand there along the beach giving out free swimsuits to girls.  That was awesome.  Not only did it get their product out onto the beach at its prime time but it made me eager to get home to buy more suits from there.

I also think that the monster energy drinks really improved their PR.  Since kids on spring break are drinking and can get tired on the beach, they will remember that the monster woke them up and gave them energy to keep going.  That way later that evening when they went out they either had left over monsters from that day to take out with them, or they automatically wanted to get to the store to get another one to wake up for the nights activities.

So many different places and companies can use spring break and college students to their advantage and it is great product placement.

Blog Comment Five

Author: Jillian Chard

Title: Another Chris Brown Meltdown

I am not surprised that Chris Brown is at it again.  Anger management is a hard problem to fix.  Some people can just not handle the spot light.  This is unfortunate because he is a great performer, but I think that people will always remember what happened with the Rhianna situation.  Since that whole incident, Rhianna has just been shooting towards the top while Chris has just been sitting back and watching.

I think in order for him to have a chance to come out of  the Rhianna incident he just should answer questions in a more professional manner and calm down.  He’s actions are never going to get his fans back if they do not change soon!

The Kardashian Klan: The Most Famous Family in Hollywood?

Blog Comment 4

Author: Jillian Chard

February 21, 2011

I was not quite sure of who the Kardashian’s really were until I started watching the hit reality tv show keeping up with the Kardashian’s.  I am a huge fan of reality tv so of coarse I think that the show is very entertaining.  I would not say that it is a show of an average family just because of the fame that the family has.  I think that because they are famous and living a very glamourous life it makes it more appealing.  Yeah it is not practical but if it was I don’t think it would be as popular as it is.  It does tie in real family drama with their glamourous lives well.  I remember watching the episode where Bruce went out with the younger guys and ended up getting his ears pierced, I thought it was hilarious and would be something that most fathers would do trying to be hip and fit in with the younger guys.  The show has something special that sets it apart and it works! One of my favorite reality shows to watch.